Help with your writing

I love working with other writers. If you’d like some feedback or editorial help please get in touch. I am happy to work with brand new writers or experienced writers who may want a fresh perspective. 
I have written stories for BBC Radio 4, comedy and drama scripts for TV and radio. My first non-fiction book Radio Head was broadcast as Radio 4’s Book of the Week. I have written theatre shows that have been performed at Glastonbury, Soho Theatre and the Edinburgh festival.

I am a fully qualified teacher, having completed my PGCE. I can help you shape your work so it is ready for an editor or publisher or to be performed on stage. If you are interested in knowing more contact me here and say hello. Send me a short paragraph explaining your work. If I feel it’s something I can be useful I’ll ask to see more. If you are on low income let me know and I’d be happy to offer a reduced rate.

Submission Guidelines. Please send:

  • The first two chapters of a novel.
  • Two chapters of a non-fiction book.
  • The first fifteen pages of a script for television, film or theatre.
  • A proposal for a novel or non-fiction book.
  • Fifteen pages of poems.
  • 5 – 10 minutes of stand up comedy. 
  • 2-3 short stories.

If you would like feedback on longer pieces or full manuscripts let me know and we’ll make a plan.

If you would like help with your writing but are in financial difficulty send me a message and I’ll be able to help you.